Saturday, October 04, 2008

midtown alley project

There's a new mural project in midtown Sacramento that I was invited to take part in, painting a piece of a wall along an alley parking lot. So I decided to try this crazy thing - painting like a muralist - sort of.

Recently I transferred a giclee photographic print onto canvas with acrylic gel medium (more on that at a later date) and now I've put a couple on a brick wall. I actually started this with friends yesterday but failed to bring my camera, so I'm posting what we've got now. This was how the today went:

My painting buddy, Allison Carlos setting up - you can click on this image to see it larger - her piece of the wall is the one with the VW Bug in it, I've got the long skinny one with tiny tree images in it to the right.

Allison's "Doodle Bug" at the beginning of our painting day (really afternoon, but we're artists, remember!)

My trees & the color square I got in the deal -

Michelle MacKenzie's work in progress; she started with us yesterday but is at an art festival this weekend in the Bay area.

I was too busy painting to take more photos in progress but Allison took this shot of me as I prepare to sign my piece & add my web address. (This is called marketing ;)

Close up of the artist at work.

My final work in all it's glory - and dappled lighting - I'll have to come back when the light is better. (Click on it to see it bigger.)

Allison's piece at the end of my day - she's staying to work awhile - check out how her city buildings have changed from the beginning of the day.

And Galynn down at the other end of the wall, still hard at work as well...

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